Similarweb Web Analytics Tool Review

Web analytics is the observation and collection of data on who and how visits to the Internet resource of the media, as well as the analysis of the data obtained.

The Importance of Web Analytics in Modern World

With the help of web analytics tools, you can summarize all the data of each user into a single report. This allows you to build a portrait of a potential visitor (reader) and on the basis of real data to improve media content, advertising, optimize the site for different behavioral scenarios, increase user engagement (behavioral factors), enter new media markets. If we know what the user needs, what he is looking for on the site where he clicks, then this allows us to influence it.

Web analytics helps in many aspects of media site development. The main features of web analytics are:

  • development of site functionality based on trends in visitor behavior;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Internet;
  • identification of problem areas in the structure, navigation, and content of the media site;
  • creating a portrait of the reader;
  • identify the main trends in the behavior of visitors and use them for advertising and marketing;
  • identifying the content that readers want to share with another audience;
  • creation of a system of incentives for frequent reader visits to the media site.

A similarweb system from Google in terms of its analysis capabilities is comparable to powerful paid corporate systems but is designed for small and medium-sized businesses with site traffic of up to 10 million hits per month. It is thanks to its powerful toolkit that Google Analytics has become a must-have analytics tool in Internet marketing, which allows you not only to collect and store data on-site traffic but to conduct experiments, research, draw conclusions and increase the effectiveness of the site and online advertising.

The Best Review of Similarweb Web Analytics Tool

The free web analytics system from Similarweb in terms of analytics capabilities is much inferior to its counterpart from Google, but at the same time, it has a more beginner-friendly interface. The strong point of Similarweb Metrica is the presence of the Webvisor technology, which allows you to view user actions in video mode: mouse cursor movements, clicks, scrolling, filling out forms (Google Analytics does not have such capabilities).

Viewing Similarweb records allows you to find bottlenecks in the site interface and better understand user behavior. In addition, Metrica is integrated with other Similarweb services: Direct (contextual advertising and remarketing), Market (aggregator of product offers), and Webmaster (search engine optimization).

Reflecting on more than 10 years of Similarweb experience, DigitalRank (TM) is the defining metric of the digital world that leaders like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft rely on every day. The main advantages of Similarweb service:

  • Tracking sources.
  • Tracking navigation.
  • Tracking conversions.
  • A/B testing.
  • Stay Time Tracking.
  • Keyword Tracking.
  • Audience segmentation.
  • Tracking link popularity.

Statistics do not provide such data, since statistical data will not show us how the visitor viewed the web page, what elements on the page he ignored, how he filled out web product order forms, how he interacted with the content, etc. Based on statistics, it is very difficult to optimize a website based on the behavioral preferences of its visitors.

Thanks to the data obtained during web analytics, you can determine the audience of the site, its features, and benefits, the behavior of visitors. This same information, in turn, is the main criterion for selecting methods for resource development, changing its functionality and even appearance.