10 Best Detective Games on PC

Our latest list of the best detective, detective, and crime apps includes 10 games for PC that cover a wide range of flavors.

Why Do We Play Detective Games on PC?

In the modern world, the field of computer games continues to develop and increasingly attracts the attention of researchers, politicians and cultural figures, and businesses. Cybersport is also actively developing in the country: tournaments are held; new disciplines are developing.

An important fact that requires attention is that the modernization and development of computer games and the industry as a whole are taking place against the background of the growing up of new generations of young people. Young people begin to play computer games from childhood, and articles are gaining popularity on the Internet, highlighting from different angles the positive and negative role of computer games in the socialization of children and youth. In this regard, the answers to the following questions become important: what specific features do computer games have as a means of communication in the modern world? What importance does the younger generation attach to them? What role does he give them in his life?

At the moment, there are many online games of various genres in which people constantly interact with each other, socialize, and find new friends and acquaintances. Online communication is beginning to replace live communication since it is easier, you do not need to go anywhere, there is time to think before answering. Games also help to communicate with people who are thousands of kilometers away from you, and speak a different language. Computer game tournaments are held all over the world and in a variety of genres, with prize money ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of millions in a single tournament.

The List of Best Detective Games of TV

  1. Grim Fandango. The classic quest studio LucasArts, known for the Monkey Island and Full Throttle series, got a remaster several years ago.
  2. The Wolf Among Us. Based on Bill Willingham’s comic book series, Telltale’s cameo adventure has a distinct film noir feel. The action takes place in a world where fairytale characters are real and secretly live in New York.
  3. L.A. NOIRE. Team Bondi of la noire walkthrough, led by Rockstar Games, has done a brilliant job to create a gripping detective story with memorable cases.
  4. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments. The player will have to use the skills of a detective to find out about a person’s life at a glance or restore the course of a crime by carefully checking all the evidence.
  5. Still Life is arguably the most hardcore game on this list. It most vividly shows the confrontation between two main archetypes for the detective genre: the detective (FBI agent Victoria McPherson) and the killer (the maniac in the mask).
  6. Heavy Rain. In Heavy Rain, you will face a serial killer nicknamed “Origami Master” and unravel his secret.
  7. Syberia 2. The second part of the adventure trilogy, developed by the French studio Microids. The game was released on all modern platforms, including mobile.
  8. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Trapped in a school with the enigmatic villain Monokuma, they learn that the only way to escape (or “graduate”) is to kill another student.
  9. Antares agency. Detective using innovative technologies of investigation.
  10. Mirror of Death is a free point-and-click, point-and-touch, or touch-based puzzle game for Android, PC, and Kindle (Amazon) platforms.